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We were excited to have the following artists and craftspeople participating in the 2019 Jewish Food and Cultural Festival

Sara (Cohen) Howell

More information to follow.

Elaine Luber

After seeing pottery at someone's home that they had made, I knew that pottery was something I had to try. I took a class at the Arkansas Arts Center in 1979, and I was hooked.

I am still actively involved as a potter at the Arts Center, as well as my home studio. I have also attended many nationally recognized workshops and exhibited at various local galleries and craft shows. I love to make things that I, and others, can use and enjoy. I work mostly on a potter's wheel, and can do high fire stoneware, low fire terra cotta, and decorative Raku pieces.

My work can be seen at Gallery 26 in Hillcrest, the Arkansas Arts Center Holiday Sale, and the Arkansas Rep. For more information, please contact me at 501-221-5898.

Plarn by Rebecca

So, what is plarn? It's "plastic yarn" made from regular grocery bags. I met plarn in 2012, a few months after I converted to Judaism. The religious school students in my hometown shul, Temple Sinai in Lake Charles, LA, made plarn for their mitzvah project. At the time, I hadn't crocheted anything in years, but when I discovered this free, durable crochet material, I dusted off my crochet hook. I found that plarn is very versatile and can be crocheted into a variety of items: tote bags, cell phone holders, coin purses, storage bins, and more.

In 2013, I moved to Little Rock, and I brought my plarn with me. Since I crochet because I enjoy it, and since I pay nothing for the material, whenever I sell any plarn products, I donate the money to a good cause. My profits from the Jewish Food Festival are usually split between a group that helps people and one helps animals. I consider this the mitzvah of tikkun olam (repairing the world), and I'm happy to think that I'm making a positive difference in the world, just out of grocery bags!

If you'd like to see my work, or see who the money goes to, please visit my Facebook page, Plarn by Rebecca.

Bar Rodin - Motek Jewelry


My connection to jewelry and creativity has its roots going all the way back to Israel, where I was born and raised. About 20 years ago I moved from Israel to St. Louis, where my husband is from, but I still go back to Israel bi-annually and maintain a regular routine of keeping up with my home country’s beautiful and unique jewelry production and design. In 2015, I decided to start my own business because I felt that I needed to bring something new and different to the jewelry market here in America. Originally I worked with a few designers that I knew from Israel, imported their pieces and sold them here. Very shortly after I saw success in selling pieces that I imported, I realized that I too had a creative passion to design and create jewelry, which I began doing and selling at lower price points than the pieces that I imported. My company’s mission soon became to create our own Israeli-inspired, spiritual and creative jewelry and bring it to the US market at affordable prices. All of my fashion jewelry is 22-24K gold plated, .925 silver plated and rhodium plated. My higher ended jewelry is gold-filled, pure sterling silver and rhodium that can get wet and won’t tarnish. I work as both a retail seller and as a wholesaler. As a retailer, I present my jewelry at different venues throughout the year and at parties that are given by my friends and acquaintances. As a wholesaler, I sell pieces from my collections to various stores and boutiques in the St. Louis area.

Sheri Simon

Sheri Simon has been painting about 25 years.  Her mediums are watercolor and acrylic but don’t be surprised to find mixed media as well.  Oftentimes she will calligraphy and superimpose prayers or meaningful sayings on to her paintings.  Her inspiration is her original photography and she is always in search of new subjects and projects.  Some of her favorite creations are from trips, particularly Israel and most recently underwater scenes from Cozumel.  She has done several commission works such as a painted chuppah cover for a wedding, a Little Rock collage for the UALR Athletic Director and a whimsical menorah.  She is very proud of her painting “All Around Frisco” a watercolor collage that was awarded the Arkansas League of Artists award in the Mid-Southern Watercolor show.  

At festivals, Sheri will add English and/or Hebrew names to original watercolors, perfect for gift-giving to those special folks in your lives. Come visit her booth and have a personalized card done onsite while you wait! Recently she has branched into handmade cards.  She has a wide selection of hand painted cards plus a whole new series of paper collage cards for all occasions with lots of layers and textures.  Come shop for that special birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, new baby, wedding or just fun cards.  She has a large selection of Jewish cards and secular cards!  And don’t be surprised if you find a few pieces of jewelry and knitted/crocheted scarves at her booth as well!

Susan Strauss

It's been ten years since I started stringing beads again. I loved beads since I was little and would go over to Sallye Phillips' house and watch her make necklaces fo M.M. Cohn. The bead trend came back and I jumped in.

Over the years, I took my love of making Raku clay and applied it to jewelry making through Precious Metal Clay. This is recycled fine sterling silver in clay form. It works like clay and then when fired, everything that is not clay burns out at the high firing temperature.

More recently, I have begun making things this way in bronze, too. I am learning still to solder and make things in metal through classes at the Arts Center- it is much harder than it looks! The gemstone beads that I currently use are mostly gem quality, faceted stones that make the piece special.

I am lucky to be able to sell my earrings and necklaces on an ongoing basis at The Box Turtle on Kavanaugh.