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Crime and Consequence - JLI Course at Lubavitch of Arkansas

A New JLI Course begins Wednesday, February 6
Crime and Consequence

CLE accredited for attorneys

Criminal justice policy affects the safety and peace of mind of all citizens, and has broad implications for crime victims, the accused, the convicted, and their families.

 Join us as we ponder foundational questions from the perspective of the Torah:

What is the goal of criminal punishment - to gain retribution for the victim, to keep criminals off the streets and safeguard from future crime, to set an example and instill the fear of law, or to rehabilitate the criminal and reintroduce him to society?

Should we consider testimonies given in exchange for a reduced sentence as reliable evidence? 

Is life-without-parole a justifiable penalty?

May we sentence a person to death?

When would these options be warranted? Is there a better way?

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