Family Services Adoption Fund

Earlier this year, an Arkansas Jewish family sought to open its loving home to an adopted child, but the fees for the adoption were more than the family could afford.  Fortunately the Brown Charity Foundation, Inc. was willing to step in and help.  The Foundation reached out to Jewish Federation of Arkansas about the possibility of starting a fund to supportJewish families in Arkansas with adoptions expenses.   JFAR's board voted to approve the fund and put it under the purview of family services.

Thank you to the Brown Charity Foundation, Inc. for its donation in loving memory of Flora Lockwood to establish a fund to help Jewish families in Arkansas with adoption expenses. 

If you would like to support the fund and help it grow, please click on the button below to donate.  If you are a Jewish family seeking assistance with adoption expenses, please e-mail  All requests are handled confidentially by JFAR's Family Services Committee.

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