Local Grant Funding

JFAR Arkansas Grant Application

The Jewish Federation of Arkansas is pleased to offer support for Arkansas projects and services that accord with our Mission Statement.

Click here to view a list of our current grant recipients.

The local grant application process for 2019-20 is closed. The 2020-21 Grant Application cycle will open next spring.  If you are interested in submitting a grant request, we encourage you to contact us at any point to discuss your project and the application process.  We are happy to work with you on planning and submitting your request.


In an effort to be fiscally responsible with the funds JFAR has been entrusted and to more effectively use JFAR’s other resources, like its social worker, JFAR has made changes to the grant process.  The following changes will go into effect beginning with the upcoming 2018-19 grant cycle.

 JFAR grants may no longer be used to support operating expenses, defined here as expenses that relate to regular ongoing activities of the organization. 

·     Examples include staff salaries, programs and services that are already part of the everyday activities of the organization, organizational administrative costs, etc.  

JFAR grants may no longer be used for scholarships.  JFAR will now include a separate line for scholarships in its budget; this will be in addition to the line item it has for camp scholarships. 

·     With the exception of camp scholarships, which will still follow past procedures, individuals or families requesting scholarships for religious school, Jewish day care, etc. will now work directly with JFAR’s social worker to receive funding.  Contact social worker Kelsey Dugger at kelsey@jewisharkansas.org to inquire about scholarships.

 JFAR grants will prioritize and continue to support projects that:

·     Expand or enhance the reach of the organization in terms of audience and/or activities

·     Enable the organization to do something it couldn’t otherwise do with its normal budgetary resources

·     Are oriented toward the entire Jewish community or toward exposure of Judaism or Jewish community issues and concerns within the broader non-Jewish community

·     Enable and encourage the organization to explore new directions in programming and outreach

For questions about the above, please contact the JFAR Office (Yahelle Yaccoby) and/or Board Treasurer (Lynn Greenberg) at director@jewisharkansas.org and librarilyn@att.net.

A reminder that if you received funding in 2017-18, you are required to submit an evaluation form to be eligible for funding in 2018-9. The evaluation forms for 2017-18 projects can also be found below. 

Additional funds for co-sponsorships of programs during the year may occasionally become available. If you did not submit a grant request but have a project for which you like to request co-sponsorship funds, please contact us.