Annual Campaign

Did you know that your one gift to our 2017 annual campaign affects hundreds of Jewish people in the Arkansas Jewish community and thousands of Jewish people worldwide? 

That’s because JFAR goes far for you and our Jewish community by maximizing our community’s resources to provide services that extend across the state and to allocate funds that reach nationally and internationally. 

2016 campaign logo.jpg

Jewish Federation of Arkansas unites the Jewish community ofArkansas.   Our educational and cultural programming, financial assistance, Jewish camp scholarships, caregiving and aging services, and social worker, like the rest of our programs and services, are available to all Jewish Arkansans regardless of location or affiliation.  We are committed to strengthening, caring for, and ensuring the future of the entire Arkansas Jewish community.   

JFAR goes far for you.  During our annual campaign we call on you to go far for us so that we can continue to serve and unite the Arkansas Jewish community.  We have set an ambitious campaign goal of $275,000 this year, so that we can maintain our current level of services and go even further.   If you increase your pledge this year over last year’s to help us go further you can choose to direct the amount of that increase to the program(s) that matter most to you.

We also invite you to consider joining our Monthly Mensch Club and extending your pledge over a year to provide ongoing support.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Susan Weinstein

2017 Annual Campaign Chair